Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Can't Get Enough Of These Korean Karaoke Singers!!!

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Lookin' like Pac-Man : *Gobble Gobble Gobble*

I was bored at work, killin' some time and lurking the soulstrut forums when I found this post.
Which led me to this, (really, click on this link!) which I now share with both of my readers. Enjoy, and turn the speakers up so your boss or whoever can appreciate it too.

In other news the personal life keeps getting busier so that's why there's been no updates.
Sorry ya'll.
And I'm pissed that some mu'fuckah with a comb-over is gonna make me spring forward.
Goddammit (Confused? Scroll down).
Aiiight, I'm out. Workin' on a Pope Post I started last week.
Also, I'm gonna freshen up the place a bit and do some more linkage and what-not if I can set aside the time.

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