Thursday, June 09, 2005

19 O'Clock And Everything is Pipe
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Hear for yourself.

Now I may be drunk on nostalgia here, but may I be so bold as to claim that "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" was the best goddamn tv show I have ever seen? I think I just did. Any show that featured Iggy Pop as a secondary character and had Hunter S. Thompson do a cameo would obvioulsy have to be great, and luckily, Pete and Pete was that and more. Of course, I haven't seen the actual show in years but from what I can remember it was the quirkiest, wierdest, and funniest show I've ever seen BEFORE Arrested Development came out. Back in the glory days of living with my parents in the 8th grade I can remember watching cable tv for the entire summer, trying to balance the "neighborhood" basketball games with the ever-changing time slot of Pete and Pete. Man, that show was my ganja before I ever smoked. Shit had me hooked (this "no homo" is dedicated to djxplicit for his eternal vigilance).

I've been looking in video stores and the internets for years trying to find copies of old episodes and only finding shitty bootleg copy's off of fansites (which looked much to shady to purchase). I even contemplated tatooing "Petunia" onto my arm so I could watch her hypnotic dance and be reminded of my favorite show but I never followed through. For years I wandered like a man in the desert searching for water or like a man in search of an appropriate metaphor. As my writing indidcates, I found none of the above, but plenty of frustration for my efforts.

Now Nickelodeon has answered my prayers and provided a reason to get up in the morning.
That's right ya'll, Nick finally issued a DVD for the first Season of Pete and Pete with the other two seasons due in the next couple of years (or more realsitically, possibly released, depending on the sales of the first season). All I know is I can't wait to cop this DVD soon and watch it on my roommates DVD player while drinking the champagne and gettin' lifted and singing along to the opening theme: "ay yi yi yes indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!" Life does not get much better than watching Artie "the Strongest Man in the World" keeping the streets of Wellsville safe without the aid of any Krebstar products. Maybe I'll even invite Fantasy Liz over to watch with me.

In other news, I'll be pretty goddman busy this weekend with work but I promise to update if I possibly can before Monday. If not then, certainly on Tuesday. I'll try and toss up another post at ye olde B dot C if I can, but the readers seem to resent the guest posts so I might keep that shit on the back-burner. Seems kinda funny that the people with the most criticism with those posts are the ones who don't blog or choose not to link to their blog. Everyone's a critic I guess.

(metal rocker scream of supreme satisfaction)

Pete and Pete are finally to resurface from the doldrums of undeserved obscurity. One of my favorites was when little pete played hooky by pretending to be sick or something. After an afternoon of hijinks he had to hoof it home before moms got there (ala Feris Beuler). He makes it but realizes he left the garage door open, only option bounce the beam from the garage door opener off his mom's metal plate (in her head) Brilliant! For some reason I also remember a cereal that the Petes used to eat that was comprized little corn flake replicas of the presidents of the US, Martin VanBuren was the most coveted.

Ok enough of that, I gotta go play with my pogo ball.
i love the internets. Just when you think you're the only one who loves an obscure show from your grade school you find another kindred spirit
just so you read this.... 2 things:
1. just saw the pic of your new neighbour - damn!!!!
2. thanks for taking the time to post stuff up on the net. not that it makes a great deal of difference to you, but there's a group of us here in melbourne, australia who love reading this shit! keep it up. cheers
I've got Australian fans?!?
Thanks for the comments everybody, it makes my day when I get such good feedback.
Whoever you cool kids are in Melbourne,
Australia, I salute you!!!
My neighbor is pretty goddamn hot.
Pete and Pete are highly overrated. It is all about Ren and Stimpy. All five of their seasons are out.
> this "no homo" is dedicated to djxplicit

anytime anybody mentions my name, its gotta be linked to the LTDMK. sorry, i just make the rules.
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