Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm Back In The Game This Sunday

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Ninjas killed my family this May and my life has been a never-ending quest for vengance since.
I found them and killed their families and have been drunk on sake until recently. I just recently sobered sorry 'bout that.
Plus, this Sunday I get the internets hooked back up at the crib so I'll be back online to share my brilliance with the rest of you fools. Just so you know.

You are a racist asshole. I am mixed, and offended by this bullshit! You think I don't know what the fuck ninja stands for? I wish I was a guy so I could find you and drop you.
I thought ninja referred to those mu'fuckahs that dressed in black and killed people hundreds of years ago in Japan. If it's some sort of rascist anachronym then I'd love to know what it is so I can use it properly. Let me know Iorna...
Use the word properly to disrespect half of my mixed race?? You are a jackass. Dude you are a miserable individual. And trust me if you did you the word in the ugly way intended, you wouldn't live to tell about it!
Whoa!!! Chiseven Whoa!!!
You totally stepped over the realm of decency by using the much maligned and horrifically racist term "Ninja". You should evicerate your putrid innards as I lop your unclean head from its fetid stump, only then will sweet lorna have the justice she is owed!!!!

Soldier on Lorna, it's a tough world for politically sensitive ninjas everywhere.

I've got your back.
Okay, I found out what ninja is:
"Ninja – U.S., a Muslim woman." From:

That's a pretty fucking lame slur to take offense to, considering I just NOW learned the context in which you think I'm using it. Your race has nothing to do with the fact that you are a dull-witted misanthrope though.

I hope you are having fun threatening me over the internet though. I'm totally shook!
Damn, that is lame.

I thought that I was up to date on my slurs, guess not. I don't even really get the meaning. Perhaps related to the covered nature of muslim women?

Lorna, I hereby give you the award for the "person most easily offended by terribly obscure slurs"

This situation makes me wonder what other inappropriate monikers I have unknowingly been spewing around ruffling feathers of the randomly offended?

BTW, why would somebody so sensiteve to these types of things refer to themselves as "mixed"? You a fucking person, not a can of paint.
Mixed is a common word used for biracial people. Is biracial better asshole? Please let me know Grandy, because it is so important to me what you think. And by the way, there are no level of degrees on a racial slur. An ugly word is an ugly word period. But how do you explain that to racist assholes? *out*
Lorna, Lorna, Lorna

You’re so mad about something so silly. Before you berate me with a host of other offensive names (asshole, racist, etc. etc.) re-read the picture that began this little tryst of ours.

It says "Ninjas killed my family, need money for kung-fu lessons."

How this got transmogrified into a hate fest on peoples of all races and creeds is beyond me. Are you looking for people to attack? My gut tells me you are. So who's being the asshole?

At any rate, it might do you some good to breathe slowly and think about the great offense you claim was made to you and yours. Even if you are half of this or that what the fuck difference does it make in the context of this joke picture?

Besides, the picture is clearly referring to Ninja's who practice kung fu, hence the need for $ to purchase retaliatory lessons. This leads a logical mind to assume that the "killers" are trained assassins / warriors or something, not a race at all.

Shit, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Uma Thurman, Chris Farley, Ralph Machio, and Teenage Mutant Turtles, Yoda, and I think Cheetara (from Thundercats) were all Ninjas or Ninja-like. This represents a pretty random smattering of races, acting abilities, species, aliens, cartoon characters, and sexes whom have all portrayed what it is to be a Ninja in the respect in which the term was used here.

Surely, you're not about to attack the well-respected character of a crew like that. To do so would inevitably end in the death of someone’s parents and therefore begin this vicious cycle again, and we cant have that. Just look at that what it does to the kids. This unfortuante fellow is obviously down on his luck due to this type of feud.

Let it go Lorna; do it for yourself, do it for the children.
If she still insists on calling me an asshole after that logical argument then I'm going to do a post about her. Let it go.
You're absolutely right Chiseven! I am so sorry. Please, please, please except my most humble apologies. I just don't think any racial slur is "lame." Well anyway, now I am just tired. Who gives a shit if people don't get it. Oh yeah, let me end with your classic kick ass ending.... *out*
Don't know who any of you are, but this shit is hilarious!
That picture is, like, the funniest thing ever (outside of Billy Zane). And lorna! You're a hoot! I don't know if you're real or not, but anyone' insane enough to get hyped up over the use of the word "ninja" is fucking CCCRRAZY. CAN WE BONK?
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