Friday, July 22, 2005

This picture is a metaphor for this blog. Figure it out yourself though. I shall not explain.
I must ask for your forgiveness as I know I'm really really lame at posting regularly.
I just don't have anything interesting to comment on everyday or sometimes even weeks for that matter. Go to the b dot c if you want regular updates, but stop by here occassionally for some new rant or account of how I waste good drugs on dumb animals. As usual, I don't have anything to pontificate but I figured that ya'll should be reading the good shit I'm reading, so there. It's been a minute since I've just hooked it up with links only, so here goes:
Read Matt Taibbi, as he is one of the few American journalists writing anything worth reading.
This week he deconstructs the whole cult of Karl Rove. Brilliant as usual.
Greg Palast is another American journalist worth reading. Not only is he truthful about the corruption and deceit he uncovers, he's also pretty goddamn funny. Go!
I discovered Drawn! through boingboing (Linked to on the right) and have visited it everyday since. If you like anything concerning illustration then I suggest you visit there soon.
That gentleman pictured above is my favorite agent of evolution, Bill Hicks. His best friend just recently published a biography of him that looks to be much better than the other bio called "American Scream" which was pretty tepid. I ordered it a few days ago, so when I finish the book I'll post up a review. If you don't know who Bill Hicks is then do yourself a favor and visit the sacred cow site that I linked to. And squeegee your third eye bitches!
This is great for killing time at work. Of course, I would never do that, but if you want to...
I love loteria cards. You should too. Who wants to buy me some? I can't find them here at my local supermercados or tiendas. What the deal Indianapolis?

Ok, enough links. Thanks to the local library system I 've also been checking out Cd's and DVD's from the libraries around here. Here's some short reviews of what I've checked out recently:

Team America
Besides the hilarious music this movie really is just mediocre. Could have been much shorter but most of the jokes were funny even if I only laughed out loud once. America...FUCK YEAH!

Kill Bill (One and Two)
Much better to watch when you don't have to sit around mu'fuckahs who answer their goddamn cell phones at the movie. I still like the first one better than the second one. Worth watching.

The Perceptionists-Black Dialouge
Akrobatick is pretty boring to listen to and the beats aren't my favorite but there are a few gems on here. Worth renting from the library to copy. Not worth buying for full price.

Prince Paul-Itstrumental
Prince Paul is a weird dude who just can't make music like he used to. This album is funny (of course) but I can't stand his fucking keyboard sounding drums. It is pretty awesome to hear his son (or at least it's supposed to be) say: "I saw my dad eating out of a garbage can with nothing but a pair of Timbalands on sayin' something like 'I get raw!'" His album is about as satisfying as seeing him live. If you've seen him then you know it's dissapointing. Too bad P. Huston!

Ali ShaheedMuhammad-Shaheedullah and stereotypes (don't click on that link)
No fucking wonder Tribe broke up. This shit is on some save the world bullshit with marginal musical compositions. A lesson to all producers: you can sample great portions of others compositions but you better be musically gifted to make your own music away from the sampler. Ali should heed this advice. What a tepid and boring album. It drones on and on...

I'm done with this. Leave a comment about what you'd like to see here. I'm open to suggestions. Maybe I should get some guest contributors or something. Let me know.

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