Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Problem With So-Called Hip Hop Journalists That Blog

Since members of the Mindset Army have been coming under attack for taking umbrage at the fact that Kris ex's Vibe piece on hip-hop blogging didn't mention the mighty b to the c. I felt it was time for me to help contribute to the cause, which is mainly proving the fact that Kris ex is a douche. Since I have a history of calling out douches in hip hop, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and also try and get some of that sweet sweet internets traffic I've not been getting over here lately...

The problem with so-called hip-hop journalists that blog is the fact that they blog. That means that whenever these fools say something stupid( I think Ex deleted his rant cuz I can't find a link to it anymore) or post up cheerleading stories for their friends then it's on the internet, available for all to read and laugh at. Which is just like their printed articles (or reviews, etc.) except here on the internets people can comment on what they've written or choose to attack their credibility based on evidence found through a few google searches. These so-called hip-hop journalists that blog are irrelevant to many of us because they are hypocrites. With the printed media they can get paid to espouse their criticism in printed media and expect no one to comment or criticize their criticism. Or at least not in print.

But when they step into this gully internets community or whatever it is they lose credibility because they can be called out in the comment sections which they read and occasionally respond to. They lose my respect and gain the title of hypocrites because they defend themselves and their criticism on the internet because it's not a luxury they have in print. If they intend to portray themselves as someone who's opinions matter by being a journalist or a critic then they should not blog. When a critic of music can't take criticism of his written word without responding to it with empty threats (that you later delete like you never wrote it) or just deleting posts that cheerlead the empty threats then he is a hypocrite and most importantly, a douche.

The gully internets is different than the printed media they contribute to and therefore they are out of their league. A musician cannot respond to these critics record reviews in the same magazine they are criticized in, so these so called journalists and critics shouldn't respond to their critics on the internet like they're the very crazy musicians they write about. There is a difference between musicians and music critics because they are two different types of people. One creates art and the other gets paid to comment on the art. Critics are the parasites of art. So when critics threaten their critics it's not scary like Freddie Foxx said he was going to kick some ass over a review, it's just comical. I would be afraid of a musician kicking my ass because they actually have emotional investments in their product and criticizing their ability to do so might result in them getting crazy. I certainly wouldn't fear someone who feels very passionately about their opinions on somebody else's art.

Simply put, if you can't take criticism of your opinion then you aren't much of a critic and everything you write is suspect. We here on the internets are your audience whether you like it or not and when we think think you cats are pullin' some bullshit we will call you out. Weak attempts to insult or intimidate members of the Mindset Army will not be tolerated on the internets as the Mindset is a gully internets gang. Recognize.

Well said. I feel the same way about rappers who post on hip-hop message boards. No matter what happens, they ALWAYS come off looking like herbs.
The fascination that journalists have with blogging has faded and is being replaced with disdain.

They used to think bloggers want to be in the mainstream. Now they understand most bloggers would rather piss in the mainstream, and are not in awe the "pros."

Persoally i don't have any greater or less respect for either "side".
If critics are the parasites of art what does that make bloggers who criticize critics? Parasites of parasites?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My point being that if you feel like you have the right to criticize then that pretty much leaves you open to being criticized. What comes around, goes around, right?
bring it on o-dub, criticize me all you want...but, if you are going to criticize me don't delete your first post and then hours later decide that you're going to refine least I say what I feel no matter how wrong or right I am. No wonder Jean Grae, PUTS and Louis Logic have all made it a point to specifically diss you in recorded are a critic who cannot accept criticism of your criticism and you are therefore a hypocrite.
I can see where you're coming from, and I know a LOT of people feel like you do, but I would be wary of generalizing.

Some magazines will allow you to respond to bad reviews, especially if you know how to take advantage of the "Letters to the Editor" section most mags have. That is if the mag will print the letter, which I think they should if they ever receive email from disgruntled artists.

Also, some blogger/journalists, are musicians as well. I've played the flute for public events and personal enjoyment for almost 15 years...not exactly the most Hip Hop thing I guess...especially because I like to play Classical music. I compose music and can play by ear... And I used to be a deejay. And freestyle battle promoter. And published North Carolina's first hip hop publication like ten years ago...

So yeah...I would not just lump all the online folks together, because you never know to what extent someone is repping the culture offline...peace and wonderful blog BTW.

Cherryl |

My first post (that was deleted) said this: "The previous post was left by me." I had made the first post anonymously by accident and I didn't want to post it without noting who I was.

Once I posted again, it seemed unnecessary to keep the second post. since I was now correctly posting with my name attached. No need to get all paranoid about it. It's not like I called you an asshole and then changed my mind about it.

And your point about the artists who dissed me actually contradicts your earlier point: that artists don't have a way to respond to critics. Guess what? They do - they can diss a writer in a song which likely carries a lot further than something I write in a magazine that no one reads. So if you think about, everyone has the opportunity to respond to everyone else. Just not in the same medium.

And just to repeat my previous point - the defensiveness that your tone displays seems to suggest that you actually don't like getting much criticism yourself. Truth be told, no one does.
Just to be clear, since I realize this is getting very confusing. I wrote this: " If critics are the parasites of art what does that make bloggers who criticize critics? Parasites of parasites?"

That's the "first" post I was referring to below.
I don't really think I contradict my point with the mention of artists dissing you. They can respond but it's not in the same medium. Sure they could write a letter to the editor but then that has to be brief and letters to the editor don't get much space in any printed publication. Unfortunately their criticism within their music is more of a general "you suck" than any articulate expression which makes their criticism easy to dismiss. I am not trying to be defensive but I do want to be understood correctly. I think criticism from me shouldn't be taken too seriously as I am not a published author who's views are "legitimized" by being published. I don't think of myself as a parasite becuase my criticism of you does not benefit me in any way. At least you get paid for your efforts in criticism. That is why I referred to you as a parasite. Look, i don't agree with much of what you write, but I do now have a begrudging respect for you since you've come to me and expressed your opinion (though I still disagree with you). And that wasn't my original intention at all. Goddamn you Wang. Goddamn you.
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