Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hugo Chavez=Best President Ever Anywhere
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As Fidel can tell Hugo, "Regularly punking the U.S. will make you live forever."

So by now everyone knows that that insane country bumpkin white-bread eatin' cracka-ass-cracka Pat Robertson actually called upon God to have the U.S. kill Hugo Chavez because, well, obviously Robertson's neurons aren't firing correctly these days, and it's suspected that they never were. Obviously when you think that God would strike down a champion of the oppressed and downtrodden because he's helping poor people then you've strayed from your faith. Sure Robertson made a half-apology later, but it should be obvious to all: Robertson is a hypocrite and a fraud and a worm and most importantly, a really bad Christian. He already has no problem with killing off Africans and burying them alive in his diamond mines, so it should come as no suprise that he would pray for God to kill Chavez on national televison (true, I have no idea who actually would watch the 700 Club but it is nation-wide nonetheless). But fuck him (nhjic). He threatened the greatest President anywhere, ever.

But Hugo Chavez ain't scared. He wants the U.S. Government to charge Robertson with criminal charges. He's right too, we should have locked this lying scum-fucker up years ago so he'll shut up and not influence any under-educated fools in North Carolina or wherever it is that they listen to evangelist fucks like him. But I digress...

Chavez ain't scared of Robertson or Bush or anyone else for that matter because he's armed with the truth that he dispenses so freely. Peep game:

"Hitting out at US President George W. Bush, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias calls him the "Vacation President" that does not have an evacuation plan for areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.
"They had been saying 4 days before the hurricane struck that it was on a direct path and Vacation King at his ranch told people to flee but did not say how ... cowboy mentality."
It is incredible, Chavez Frias says, that the world's greatest power with its planes, helicopters, scientific advances did not have any evacuation plan.
Pushing the knife in a bit deeper, the Venezuelan President urges the USA to copy Cuba that has developed the capacity to move 2 million people in the event of any meteorological event.
Expressing solidarity and grief for those affected by the hurricane, Chavez Frias says his government is ready to send rescue and salvage teams to the USA to help and has announced a donation of $1 million towards reconstruction efforts." Link here. (On a side note, who is that hottie shaking Bush's hand on that last website I linked to? Damn!)

And on top of donating money to victims of the hurricane, he also wants to help out U.S. victims affected by greed condoned by their own government. How? By selling oil directly to poor communities in the U.S. How fucking gully is that? Our rich ass "president" hasn't donated shit to any relief efforts and he's helping all his oil-buddies by allowing them to gouge the American public with obscene gas rates when they are already posting record-profits for this year and some South American president decides that HE wants to help us out even though we've tried to oust him twice now? That is the mark of a true player. Americans could learn alot about what a president should do by observing Chavez. Therefore, mystuntedgrowth awards him the first ever "Best President Anywhere, Ever" award. And we're still waiting to hear back from the Venezuelan government regarding my earlier invitation. Also, props to thabboy for linking to this site. I'll put you on the permanent link list soon mang. Adios!

No question man. Chavez doing more for amerikkka than Bush-it at the moment. Let's see... The people in the hurricane area are dying and we who are still alive elsewhere have to pay higher gas prices... higher gas means public transit costs more. the oil price increase gets passed on to us and bush and his goons make killer $$ gains... Glad Chavez steppin' up, chin chekin' Dubya! Cowboy... that had me rollin too...
Prediction: When it's all said and done Dub will go down as the worst prez. in American history.

Personally, I feel alot better now that he's fully rested from the tiring work of raping the poor and middle class, decimating America's world image, cooking up fraudulent wars, and in general rolling back the past 20 years of progress.

(Who the fuck gets five weeks of vacation at a time! Jesus fucking Christ!)

BTW, I just read that Dub drained the Army Corps of Engineers of $$$ meant for levee upgrades around the New Orleans area last year in order to fund his great victory in Iraq. Iraq also drained the local National Guard bases of personnel and vehicles which might have be useful "in these uncertain times".

If we could impeach Clinton for a hard earned blow job, then why is Dub still revered as some type of massiah? 9/11 happened on his watch, didn't it? ...Oh wait, that was Clinton's fault, I forgot.

It seems pretty clear to me that Dub is trying to destroy America. He had advanced knowledge of 9/11 which has now killed 3000 new yorkers, 2000 marines, at least a 100,000 in Iraq and Faroffistan. His war is literally bleeding America dry, physically and monitarily.

With 4 days advanced warning that Katrina was gonna kick The Big Easy in the Vag he thought it best to continue his vacation. Estimated costs of this disaster are 25-30 billion dollars. My gut feeling is that 3000-4000 cats drowned down south which brings this rant to an end with Dub's sore card so far:

300 billion $ wasted on preventable disasters

125,000 dead via Dub's decisions and indecisions

2 destabilized countries
(3 if you count the US)

5 years of unprecedented backsliding in almost every arena imaginable

If anybody knows of a single beneficial act of this POS please let me know. I simply cannot think of one.
well said (as usual) Grand Marquis.
Rome fell just as we will.
Hope I can get some booty before that tho...
peace Chiseven. I changed my site to
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