Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Few Reasons To Splurge For The Expensive Champagne

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Feast your Freudian eyes upon this image: "Uhhhh!"

So I've been considering buying some actual expensive champagne instead of the usual High Life dirty 30 because it looks like there might be a cuase for celebration in the next few months. You may be asking yourself "what celebration is this intellectual genius talking about?" and I may be thanking you for considering me an intellectual genius while I explain that the celebration concerns the official meltdown of the corrupt fuckers that run this country.

I'm usually pretty cautious about making bold proclamations concerning the future and politics but this time I got's me a feelin' that something big is about to go down and the corruption of this administration is about to be exposed for all to see like the tittie of Janet Jackson years ago. For the entire run of this presidency the media has been pretty lame concerning actually being critical of the administration because of said regime's percieved popularity. But, now that Hurricane Katrina has highlighted the ineptness and political cronyism that BushCo. represents, the media, and the public are becoming increasingly critical, leading me to belive that I may soon have cause to celebrate their downfall with a bottle of more-expensive-than-Miller-High-Life-champagne. Here's some links that lead me to believe my hypothesis is correct:

First off, the polls indiciate that more Americans are starting to realize that Bush(and, by implication, those associated with him) is a douche and that he's seriously fucking the world up.

Not that polls really mean shit, but when over half of those polled are against Bush it makes me smile. This poll also makes me smile. No wonder Bush accepted an invitation from the NAACP recently. He's got some damage control to work on.

When I was in Memphis, TN last week (more on that in another post) I heard about the terror threat and said "ah, it's just another scare tactic to show that the government isn't completely inept at everything despite the obvious evidence" to which my frieds said "huh?" and I ordered another Irish Car-Bomb while directing their attention to a hot girl across the bar and away from my loquacious sentence. Seems as though I'm not the only one who suspects that the terror alerts are little more than scare tactics by our government used to keep us in fear and awe. Read that last link, pretty convincing argument when presented like that(or when said reader already supports the conclusion...but I digress).

Also it seems pretty telling to me that when the press starts calling out obvious photo-op's and staged Q&A's with the President despite the official proclamation from WH spokesman (He said the q&a with the Iraq troops wasn't staged in today's press conference) that the backlash has begun. Also, if anyone else saw the Press Briefing today at the White House it was obvious that the press corps are giving ol' Scotty a hard time. He's so flustered that he's putting words into Helen Thomas's mouth (which thankfully, is the only thing he's attempted to put in there). The exchange is great. Read it.

And with the gossip from the Plame case suggesting that criminal charges could be brought against Cheney (I read that somewhere...) I am led to suggest that I will be drinking my champagne in the next few months or so. I will also drink the fancy grape juice if someone in the regime dies soon. Then, I'll get another bottle. Before I go I wanted to drop some other links I found but couldn't figure out how to incorporate:

Rich people knew about the terror threat first.

Been missing Matt Taibbi's columns? Cry no more bitches, uncle chi7 got that for yah.

Taibbi on Pvt. England and on NOLA and the relief efforts.

That is all. *out*

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