Thursday, October 27, 2005


Not that it comes as a suprise to the two of you that read this shit occassionally, but the reason for the lack of posts lately is due to the fact that I've moved from the hellish suburbs of Indianapolis to the always-entertaining downtown of Indianapolis. So, no cable internet at the crib and no neighbors with wi-fi to steal a signal from. Once I get more settled in I'll hook up a nice post as opposed to this bullshit. Also, has anyone else noticed that people now spam the comments sections with ads for bullshit like porn or refinancing a home? This will not stand. I'm no fucking shill for anybody. If you're going to advertise on my shit I better get a cut goddammit.When I find these comments I will delete them and then track the offender down and I dunno, piss in their moth like R. Kelly or something. I'm going to go drink a tequilla shot now. *out*

It's about time. I've been waiting for updates for a long time. And what is with that bullshit advertising? I mean, will anyone refinance a home from anyone who posts here? I know I wouldn't.
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