Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Went Out Like A Champ

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See one of the finest eulogies that will be penned for the legend by Ralph Steadman.
Those familiar with the Doctor's work may be familiar with his last wish (explained here).
And to those who think he went out like a chump, let the words of his son (who found his father after the shooting) reverberate in your craw until you understand that the man went out on his own terms and ended his life as he lived most of it, that is, in control of his own destiny.
(BTW, I do plan on posting more often but I've had a hectic personal life since I last posted so expect more stuff soon. I just wanted to pay tribute to the most interesting writer I have ever read and acknowledge that his manic drug-fueled tales inspired some of the most enjoyable times I've experienced on hallucinogins, legal or not. Thanks Hunter, Rest in Peace.)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hugo Chavez Ain't Scared...

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"I'm about to piss off a bunch of rich white assholes and I don't give a fuck."

I just wanted to post this up before the media starts aquainting you with my comrade Hugo Chavez, the elected President of Venezuela. In the next few months I predict that the U.S. media will be pretty critical of his descisions regarding Venezuelan oil so I figured that I'd pull a pre-emptive strike and tell you why Hugo Chavez is a revolutionary hero and will soon be painted as the "New Castro."
Before I go any further you should really take a moment to familiarize yourself with Chavez.
Go ahead, I'll wait.
Now the whole reason I started this post was because I was flipping through the latest issue of "Time" that my roommate recieves once a week when I noticed an article on the mighty Chavez. I'll save you the effort of reading it and pull the gist out of the article like a still-beating heart, ready and waiting for your approval as it palapatates in my bloody hands. Uh, okay...

The article mentions that Venezuela is the U.S.'s 4th largest oil supplier and that the Bush administration wants to avoid alienating him because well, we need that oil. The article mentions that there are some people in Washington who want to "mend fences" with Chavez but they are having a hard time convincing the Bush administration that this is a good idea because the administration views him as attempting to destabilize Latin America (ie. attempting to boot out the yanqui influence that has crippled that continent for too long). The article mentions that Condi Rice called Chavez a "'negative force' in the hemisphere" during her confirmation hearings. It also mentions that Chavez suspects the U.S. of supporting the failed coup-attempt in 2002 (and the article quickly points out that the Bush administration denies this) and I suspect that his suspicions are correct. Anyway, the article also includes a quote from Chavez that proves he ain't takin' no shit from mark-ass puppets like Condi Rice. He calls Rice "an illeterate" who "seems to dream about me." Also, if memory serves me correctly he also once called George Bush an "asshole" and a "pendejo."

That, my friends, is why Hugo Chavez is the real deal.

I already have a soft spot for Latin American leaders who attempt to revolutionize their country (mystuntedgrowth encourages the removal of all sanctions against Cuba) to save it from becoming a banana-republic of the U.S. so it should be no suprise that I'm down with Chavez and damn near anything he does (sell China some oil! Fuck it!). Though he is not as repressive as Castro he does share the same qualities that radical mu'fuckahs like me love( see the wikipedia link if you don't know). Any leader that attempts to resist American influence is good in my book. Plus, he ain't scared of little bitches like the U.S. Government.

In fact, I'd like to officially invite Hugo Chavez to the Eastside of Indianapolis so we can work on a rap track titled "President Pendejo." This visit would solidify the solidarity and mutual respect that chiseven and the people of Venezuela have shared for many years. If he takes me up on the offer than I fully intend to fire up the Akai S-20 and pull out the Peruvian records ( I only have one Venezuelan record) so we can make a bangin' dis track aimed at my corrupt government. Furthermore, I encourage Chavez to bring a few examples of that Venezuelan bud so we can have an international smoke-session. Miller High Life will be provided for cotton-mouth. I will rap in English and attempt to rap in espanol while he can rap in espanol and attempt to rap in English. We can help each other out if we can't figure out the exact words. Either way, I expect nothing short of brilliance. And, if we get the dis record done quick enough then we can re-read "Guerilla Warfare" and freestyle about Che Guevara while we smoke authentic Cuban Cigars stuffed with mid-grade marijuana ( I can't afford the good shit). If anyone has the right connections please feel free to pass this on to Chavez so he can come visit the Independent Republic of Chiseven located on 25th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Other like-minded individuals are encouraged to join the freestyle sessions as well. All diplomatic communications will be handled via the mailbox.
Viva Chavez!

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